The History Of Paper And Paper Crafts

If we trace back the history of paper we will find it around 100 A.D. in China. During the fourth century, the Chinese started to cut paper for various decorating purposes especially and embroidery patterns.  

People involved in such cutting and designing were probably the members of the royal entourage, but because of their skills and efforts, paper crafting became a folk art very soon after.  Their crafting was not only for decorative purposes but also for utilitarian purposes too.

paper history in china and europe

As time passed, paper making spread along trade routes and it reached the Middle East around the end of seventh century or at the beginning of eighth century. By the end of 15th century, Turkey had a guild devoted primarily to the task of paper crafting.

One observer noted that during a ceremony in 1582, a guild member displayed a garden which was completely made of cut paper flowers for the ruler at that time. What an amazing sight that must have been.

The journey continued and eventually paper crafting techniques entered into Europe and during seventeenth century paper maskers in Italy, Holland, Germany, and Switzerland were developing different regional styles.

By the end of seventeenth century German and Swiss Scherenschnitte, which literally translates as “scissor cuts” in German, had become the popular folk art in these countries.  At that time they were using white or black paper for crafting according to the needs of the projects.  Scherenschnitte continues today and is considered one of the finest paper crafts in the world.

Today, paper crafting provides a simple, enjoyable hobby that can help bring charm in to your life. It can take your attention away from difficulties for a short time, give you a sense of productivity and achievement and is an excellent way to stimulate creativity. Recycling materials as craft products is not only environmental friendly but also a good idea to save money too by using materials that are available and converting them into attractive items such as gifts for friends or family members.


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